Flash floods wreak havoc in Sudan

On July 28 and 29, heavy rains fell in Kassala, The next day, the Mad River - Gash, overflowing with the recent rainwater, burst through its embankment, flooding village streets. Many homes were completely damaged by the floods while access to others was blocked off by the rushing waters.
Plan's first priority was to assess the situation revealing that 80% of the town population were affected (about 300,000 of the total population), 6 deaths were reported, 84 basic and primary schools damaged and many houses were totally damaged including homes in 10 Plan communities. An Emergency Committee chaired by the Kassala Governor with members of nongovernmental organizations and state ministers was formed. The Plan Manager in Kassala was part of this committee.

The Crisis Committee Task Force organized an operation chamber for top emergencies and urgent needs. The main task is to reach Plan affected families to assess the situation.

At this point, communication with Kassala via mobile phone has been established. The main road linking Kassala with Khartoum is destroyed eliminating transportation from Khartoum to Kassala. Thirteen Plan families lost their houses due to the heavy rains. Immediate needs include tents, evacuation of some communities, Water tanks, water pumps, generators for the water station, food stuff, mosquito spraying pumps, and medicines for malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory infections.