FEWS South Sudan Food Security Outlook October 2008 - March 2009

Situation Report
Originally published


Preliminary findings of the recently completed Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission (CFSAM) indicate that the 2008 rainfall season performed better than last year. However, a number of areas are at at-risk of above-normal, late, or un-seasonal flooding.

- Mabaan County is highly food insecure following unseasonal flooding starting early October. The flooding has killed 31 people during the last week, destroyed assets and crops, and left 7,500 people homeless. A Government led inter-agency emergency assessment is currently ongoing to enable a rapid, multi-sectoral response.

- Despite this year's improved crop performance, moderate food insecurity is likely during January‐March 2009 in Aweil East, Aweil West, Aweil North, Nyirol, Waat, Nyiror, Wuror, Diror, Akobo,Wanding. Maiwut, Luakpiny, and Ulang. In addition, food security conditions are likely to deteriorate further in Gogrial, Twic and Mabaan counties, partly due to the ongoing impact of recent conflict and flooding which exacerbate chronic food insecurity.

- The worst-case food security scenario would be triggered by increased cattle raiding and inter-clan conflicts, above normal population returns, and premature food shortages. These would exacerbate chronic food deficits between January and March 2009 in Aweil East, Aweil West, and Aweil North, Gogrial, Twic, Nyirol, Waat, Nyiror, Wuror, Diror, Akobo, Wanding, Maiwut, Luakpiny,Ulang, Magwi, Torit and Kajokeji counties.