Facts Not Fiction: COVID-19 Whatsapp Alerts

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Khartoum, 31 May 2020: In the fight against misinformation, UNDP, UNICEF and WHO are calling on all WhatsApp users in Sudan to stay informed with COVID-19 WhatsApp Arabic and English alerts.

COVID-19 can be deadly, and alongside essential safe hygiene and physical distancing efforts, knowing and sharing the facts - and just the facts - can be a vital tool for keeping yourself and your community safe.

While everyone’s first source for information should be the Federal Ministry of Health, COVID-19 WhatsApp alerts provide fast, free and easy access to the latest global COVID-19 information from WHO.

With advice on staying safe, frequently asked questions, tips for protecting yourself and others, the latest news and case numbers – and easy messages to “forward” and share – the alerts are a helpful addition to Federal Ministry of Health advice.

Simply send "مرحبا" or “hi” to +41 22 501 70 23 on WhatsApp to get th latest COVID-19 advice and check your facts.

The COVID-19 WhatsApp alerts system has been developed globally by WHO, UNICEF and UNDP in partnership with WhatsApp.

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