European Union support to strengthen peace and stability in Sudan [EN/AR]

from European Union
Published on 05 Aug 2014

The EU is enhancing support to peace-building and stabilisation in Sudan by allocating EUR 13,5 million Euro under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) over the next three years.
The new programme, adopted on 29 July, will continue to contribute to peace, security and stability in Sudan, especially in the conflict-affected areas in the vicinity of its southern border. It will also address a range of other needs, including those linked to the impact on Sudan of the most recent conflict in South Sudan.

The programme will primarily support stabilisation, democratisation and good governance in Sudan through technical support to local peace processes and the generation of visible peace dividends for local communities.

Also, small scale infrastructure projects will bring together local communities in conflict-affected areas and thus help mitigate existing conflicts and prevent new ones. Promoting the role of women in conflict resolution is also foreseen to foster inclusive political participation.

The programme will also support confidence building and conflict prevention initiatives in states along the border with South Sudan through the promotion of better cross-border relations.

Furthermore, the programme will support negotiations and agreements between pastoralist and sedentary communities along migratory routes, and train local communities on how to peacefully resolve conflicts about sharing natural resources.

The activities designed to achieve these objectives will be implemented by a wide range of partners, ranging from international organisations to selected regional and Sudanese NGOs.


The new international border between Sudan and South Sudan created a new reality between the two countries.

Communities found themselves on either side of the new international boundary that remains to be demarcated.

Above all, stabilization work in the borders region is complicated by ongoing intra-state fighting in both South Sudan and Sudan.

The support package, to be implemented over a period of 36 months, will ensure complementarity with another IcSP package for South Sudan, with particular attention to the border region between Sudan and South Sudan. It will be reviewed and may be fine-tuned throughout its implementation, to better respond to developments in Sudan, including along its border with South Sudan.

The EU policy seeks to promote a ‘soft border’ between Sudan and South Sudan, enabling good neighbourly relations that will reflect positively on peace and stability in the two countries and the region. At the heart of this policy is developing confidence and bridging of the economic potential of the communities, states and the two countries.

The EU has also repeatedly called for the implementation of all the agreements signed between the two countries to achieve stability and sustainable development, which is especially important for the border region. In particular, the EU encourages both the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan to support a speedy delivery of food and essential non-food items to stave off famine in affected parts of South Sudan.

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