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Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for July with a Forecast till mid-September, 2011


Summary The Desert Locust (SGR) situation remained relatively calm in July in the summer breeding areas in the Sahel, North Africa, Red Sea region and Southwest Asia. A few mature adults were seen in Sahel West Africa and the interior of Sudan and a similar situation may be present in western Eritrea.
Surveys were hampered by the on going insecurity situation in many places, including the interior of Yemen, Libya, Mali, Niger and elsewhere where good rains fell in July. Ground operations treated close to 4,700 ha in Algeria, Morocco and Pakistan in July (CNLA/Mauritania, CNLAA/Morocco, DLCO-EA, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, and PPD/Sudan).

Forecast: Small-scale breeding will likely result in a slight increase in locust numbers in Sahel West Africa from Mauritania to Chad, the interiors of Sudan and Yemen as well as western Eritrea. A similar situation is likely along the Indo-Pakistan border during the forecast period (CNLA/Mauritania, CNLAA/ Morocco, DLCO-EA, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, and PPD/Sudan).