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Emergency Appeal for relief requirements for the displaced people in northern Uganda Jan - Jun 2003


The Government of Uganda sends out this six months (January-June,2003) flash appeal for support to the innocent and vulnerable citizens in northern Uganda. Over 800,000 Ugandans in northern Uganda, have been displaced by the Lord's Resistance Army rebels in northern Uganda especially in the districts of Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Pader and Apac and are living in protected camps for IDPs.
In addition, a total number of 150,000 refugees in 66 settlements in 8 districts are also in need of food assistance.

Since IDPs have lost access to cultivation fields, coupled with the poor rains in the region, this has led to lack of cultivation in some areas and crop failure in others, leading to a situation of dependency and a need for food assistance, to the victims. WFP requires 108,000 tons of food worth US$59 million to feed over 800,000 IDPs and 150,000 refugees from January to June 2003. The WFP country office is currently facing a pipeline shortfall of 67,773 tons of food commodities for the period between January and June 2003. As of January 2003, WFP has been forced to completely suspend the distribution of cereals to IDPs in Northern Uganda and to reduce cereal rations for refugees by 50% due to a serious cereal pipeline shortfall. Uganda has the potential for local procurement of cereals and pulses at competitive prices if cash resources are pledged by donors.

In addition, most of the internally displaced people in the northern Uganda humanitarian corridor, abandoned basic property and shelter coverings in their flight from rebel attacks.

This has exposed them to the ravages of the weather elements leading to risen morbidity and mortality rates, especially for the infants and children. According to assessments, carried out by the Uganda Red Cross and AVSI in November and December last year, selected camps in the districts of Pader and Kitgum were used to find out the relief needs for people in northern Uganda. These include blankets, tarpaulins, utensils, clothes, scholastic materials and detergents. There is therefore an urgent need for providing these items to over 125 IDP camps in northern Uganda. Health needs according to the CAP appeal 2003 by WHO, UNFPA, and UNICEF include providing essential drugs and medicines, equipment, mosquito nets, training of health personnel advocacy and social mobilisation.

A total amount of 7,647,537,500 shillings (US$4.1million),will be required to purchase non -food items and 108,267,485,630.43 shillings (US$59 million) for food items for the January-June 2003 period. The Government on its part has already disbursed 640 million shillings towards the relief of the people for this quarter. For the next quarter it intends to spend a total of 400 million shillings towards mitigating the condition of IDPs in northern Uganda.

As the Government is making every effort to bring the insecurity in the north to a peaceful conclusion, there is a dire need for food and non-food relief items, which have been outlined in the attached documents. These state both the quantities and monetary values of the required items.

It is on this basis, that I launch this appeal to our friends and development partners, to give a hand to government in relieving this humanitarian situation.


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