EHA Sudan weekly highlights, week 50 (12 - 18 Dec 2009)

Situation Report
Originally published



- The overall security situation in Darfur, Eastern region, South Kordofan and Blue Nile States remained relatively calm though unpredictable.

- KAPs survey in Kassab Camp in Kutum area is to star t next week

- WHO North Darfur providing direct support to 239,000 IDP in UMBARO, Muzabat, Sartoni and Kulkul

Area of concern :

- Some areas of WD are still difficult to access due to restriction of movement of international staff for program implementation.

- According to UNDSS latest report, 30 areas have been declared as no go areas in East Sudan 3 States due to insecurity and mines problem in most of bordering areas with Ethiopia and Eretria


- Weekly health coordination meetings were held in the 3 states of Darfur. In greater Darfur, WHO shared the Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Bulletin for week 49. The health situation remained stable with morbidities within normal range and mortalities below the emergency threshold ( 1/10,000/day).

- WD, WHO participated in the celebration of the World AIDS Day in Zalengy and the opening ceremony of the VCT that resumed the activities with capacity of more than 100,000 populations serving both the IDPs, and the Host community.

- In SD, WHO is coordinating with SMoH and Care International Switzerland for early take over of ex IRC clinic in Kass for provision of effective health care services.

- In SK, the monthly coordination meeting for the health sector was held in Kadugli, chaired by SMoH and co-chaired by WHO. The action points made are to strength the collaborations between all health actors.