EHA Sudan weekly highlights, week 49 (05 - 11 Dec 2009)

Situation Report
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- The overall security situation in Darfur, Eastern region, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states remained relatively calm though unpredictable. No any major incidents have been reported so far.

- In South Kordofan, an interagency verification exercise was carried out to update the returnee figures at the communities where return had taken place on December 6th and 7th 2009. The mission comprised of IOM, RCSO-RRR, HAC/SSRRC, NPA, WFP, WHO and FAO. The final verification list will be compiled by IOM for the attention of all return partners.

- Epidemiology department SMOH in Blue Nile States and West Darfur distributed cell phones to different reporting units for strengthening the communication for facilitation of timely submission of CDC reports

- Preparation for the upcoming NIDs on 14-16th December in all states of Sudan went on. In BNS GOAL in collaboration with SMOH, conducted sub-NIDs in southern part of Kurmuk from 9th - 11th December. In addition, the EPI department conducted training sessions for supervisors, team leaders and vaccinators for the up coming NIDs in all states.

- A mission to Zalengy was conducted by WHO WD for monitoring the provision of free services to IDPs and follow up on the recommendation from the last mission.

- A meeting was conducted by WHO in Zalengy with SMoH representative in Zalingy for planning water quality control activities for the coming week.

- WHO in collaboration with SMOH conducted one training workshop on H1N1 for health cadres working in the isolation centre in Al Nahda Hospital. Two training workshops will be conducted in Buram locality on Schistosomiasis for health cadres working in Buram locality in addition to two training sessions in Geredha.

- WHO in collaboration with FMOH/SNAP and SMOH/SNAP conducted 5 days training on mobile VCT for 25 counselors from Kassala, Gedarif and Red Sea States. Opening session was attended by deputy Wali/Minster of heath, Head of WHO Kassala sub office, SMOH Director General, UNICEF, UNDP and NGOs.

- WHO supplied SMOH RSS with essential medicines and supplies for emergency