EHA Sudan weekly highlights, week 3 (14 -20 Jan 2010)

Situation Report
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The overall security situation in Darfur, Eastern region, South Kordofan and Blue Nile States remained relatively calm though unpredictable. It remained volatile in Shariea locality of South Darfur, Jabbal Mara and Jabbal Moon.

- In West Darfur, one day training on "ARI Case Management" was conducted in Um Dukhun for 20 participants and one for "Malaria Case Management" was conducted for 25 participants in Forbaranga by SMOH and WHO. The participants were medical doctors, medical assistants, and health workers.

- UN- joint mission was conducted to Mukjar and Umdukhun to assess the health situation of displacement of 101 families from Gadar village. It was identified that number of heath staff are insufficient and, there is problem of referral cases to SHC Garsilla Hospital. Recommendation was shared with SMOH to hire the staff, and to support the referral of patients.

- WHO Kassala and Epidemiology department - SMoH has conducted supportive supervisory visits to 4 sentinel reporting unites in north Delta locality (Hadalia HC, Wager rural HC, Mata tab HC and Oleab HC). During on the job orientation visit for the staff on surveillance system; distribution of reporting tools and mapping of sites with GPS was also done.

- In South Darfur WHO and UNICEF provided 3 PHC kits, 2 midwifery kits, IMCI kit, meningitis kits and supplies to SMoH for Shariea Rural hospital and Karam Jay health unit in response to the interagency mission findings to cover the gaps.

Areas of concern

- In West Darfur, several cases of suspected Whooping cough among children under five, index cases for measles outbreaks, and few neonatal tetanus cases are reported among refugees from Chad

- New displacements in Shariea locality is a concern for humanitarian community