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Education Sector Bulletin Sudan (01 November 2015—29 February 2016)

Situation Report
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▪ Jebel Marra in Central Darfur remains a humanitarian hot spot, with people continuing to be displaced to neighbouring states, primarily to North Darfur, where over 90,000 new people have been displaced. The majority (90%) of those who have arrived in Sortoni, are children and women. The timing of the displacement is critical for children’s education, with over 6,600 grade eight student’s central examinations in jeopardy. The exams are due to take place in early March 2016. Sector partners are currently assisting the Ministry of Education in organising grade eight exams.

▪ In Blue Nile, 13,500 displaced school-aged children are also affected by conflict. Nearly 4,000 of them are now out-ofschool. No assessment has been done recently and more gaps are expected to emerge in education supplies, classroom space, and WASH facilities. According to the state Ministry of Education and sector partners, Damazine and Roseires localities are the worst affected and most in need of assistance.

Most Urgent Priorities for New Emergencies

▪ To provide education supplies and logistical support to over 6,600 displaced grade eight students in Darfur to write their exams.

▪ To restore access to education for 12,450 newly displaced children in Sortony where there is currently no operational school another 5,850 children in Tawila and 944 in Kabkabia

▪ To provide temporary learning spaces (TLS), learning supplies and WASH for 13,500 (possibly more) displaced children in Blue Nile State. Currently 24 additional classrooms need construction.

Ongoing Response

▪ In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE), the sector partners are contributing essential education supplies including setting-up school WASH facilities to support grade 8 exams of displaced children in Central and North Darfur states.

▪ North Darfur: UNICEF is assisting the MoE in establishing TLSs for 5,400 children by constructing 52 learning spaces and rehabilitating 56 TLS in Mellit, Tawilla, Darelsalm and Kebkabia localities and three IDP camps ( Zamzam, Abu Shouk and Alsalam) for Jabal Marra’s newly displaced children.

▪ Fanga Suk, Jebel Marra, Central Darfur: UNICEF shipped supplies including tarpaulins, student-teacher kits, recreational kits and plastic seating benefitting 2,162 children.

▪ El Sireaf and Saraf Omra localities, North Darfur: UNICEF rehabilitated 36 classrooms and distributed 200 tarpaulins to eight schools in El Sireif and one school in Saraf Omra (December) benefitting 5,850 students.

▪ Alazaza, El Garri villages, Roseires locality, Blue Nile: UNICEF and partners constructed twelve classrooms benefitting more than 600 children.