East Darfur tribes agree to cease clashes and to seek peaceful solution

from Sudan Tribune
Published on 22 Aug 2013 View Original

August 22, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - East Darfur tribes of Rezeigat and Maalia signed Thursday an agreement committing them to stop fighting and to resolve their difference peacefully.

The signing ceremony which took place in Al-Tawisha, North Darfur, had been delayed to the afternoon because the leader of Maalia ethnic group refused to ink the agreement without the presence of three representatives of Al-Agarba, one of its branches in East Darfur.

However after the arrival of the three delegates, the cessation of hostilities agreement was signed by Reizgat leader Mahmoud Ibrahim Madibou and Maalia leader Mohamed Ahmed Al-Safi.

According to the deal the Sudanese government will deploy national security forces from outside region to avoid the presence of Rezeigat elements among them in all the areas where the two tribes clashed.

The parties also agreed to prepare for a reconciliation conference to be chaired by committee from the national government.

Al-Maalia were keen during the discussions to reject any involvement of East Darfur governor or his administration. Governor Abdel Hamid Kasha, a Reizgat, is accused of supporting his tribe in this conflict.

Darfur joint peacekeeping mission transported by helicopter the representatives of Rezeigat and Maalia tribes to Al-Tawisha for the signing of the truce.

On 18 August, UNAMID also airlifted over 300 Maalia civilians from East Darfur capital El Daein, a Rezeigat stronghold to Abu Karinka, a Maalia centre located some 50 kilometers northeast of El Daein.

The signing of the tribal cessation of hostilities agreement had been scheduled last week but the abduction of 24 Maalia by the Rezeigat last Saturday led to cancel the event. However, East Darfur authorities released them and secured their arrival to Abu Karinka on Wednesday.