East Darfur nomads: 'mysterious fever outbreak'

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 14 Feb 2013 View Original

ED DAEIN (14 Feb.) -

Nomads in East Darfur are suffering from a “mysterious fever" that broke out two months ago in the localities of Bahrel Arab and Abujabrah and is spreading across different settlements.

“Very high body temperature, nasal congestion, eye reddening and night coughing” are some of the fever’s symptoms according to a citizen speaking to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday.

He noted the following nomads’ settlements have been affected until now: Marira, Frengabo, Dokat, Tororah, Badya, Umm Fano and Dubba Radona. Especially women and children are vulnerable to the disease, he said.

The source demanded the state ministry of health to accelerate the provision of medical assistance to the affected localities and find out more about the fever and how to treat it.

Ministry denies

The director of the ministry of health of East Darfur, Dr. Muawiya, denied receiving any complaints about this fever, whether from citizens or from local authorities.

However, when speaking to Radio Dabanga from Ed-Daein on Thursday, he affirmed the ministry has in the past sent a medical team to Adela and neighboring areas “immediately” after being notified about a spreading disease.

After sending samples to a laboratory for verification, he classified Adela’s outbreak as a “viral inflammatory” epidemic and claimed eradicating it.

The director vowed to follow-up on the nomads’ complaints in the Bahrel Arab and Abujabrah localities and verify the alleged fever break out.

In the meantime, he urged all citizens of East Darfur, especially those living in nomadic areas, to quickly notify medical authorities if they feel any of the fever’s symptoms or of other ‘unknown diseases”.