Displaced: WFP to review cards’ missing names

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KASSAB (26 Dec.) - Displaced living at the Kassab camp, North Darfur, said the World Food Programme (WFP) agreed to review names that had gone missing from the food ration cards’ registry, they told Radio Dabanga on Wednesday, 26 December.

They also said that other organizations are currently working towards providing them medical and health services, besides other non-food items.

Sheikh Tahir Ismail, head of the camp, told Radio Dabanga he led a committee composed of other sheikhs and omdas that met with officials of humanitarian organizations in El-Fasher last week.

During the meeting, the WFP assured the committee it was going to review the cards from 2005 and compare them with the cards from 2010 to find out why some names went missing.

In addition, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees pledged to provide blankets, mattresses, water equipment and utensils to the displaced, according to Ismail.

Meanwhile, a Swedish organization working with children agreed to provide maintenance to all camp’s centers, including kindergartens.

The sheikh also asserted that the organization GOAL would provide medical, health and preventive services to the displaced.

Lastly, Ismail reported that during the meeting organizations told participants they would reduce aid relief support in 2013 and instead would move towards a partnership for the development of self-reliance.


In Central Darfur, he population of camp Nertiti said they fear losing their right to humanitarian aid if the WFP does not complete its cards’ verification process before the end of the year.

On Wednesday, the sheikh of Nertiti north told Radio Dabanga camp’s residents have moved on past differences between them and the WFP, explaining they occurred because of a “misunderstanding”.

He said the displaced are now awaiting the arrival of a committee at the site so that the verification process can be completed.

In addition, this opportunity could be used to launch an inventory process at the camp, the sheikh said, while stressing the displaced are ready to cooperate with the WFP staff.

The sheikh appealed to the WFP and to the commissioner of humanitarian aid to resume the cards’ verification process.