Displaced killed, injured in Central Darfur, rape in West Darfur

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KEREINIK / NIERTETI (19 May .) - A militiaman raped a woman in the area of Gargour in Kereinik locality, West Darfur, on Saturday. Two displaced of the Nierteti South camp in Central Darfur were shot dead on Sunday evening.

A relative of the victim reported to Radio Dabanga that on Saturday at about 3pm a militiaman assaulted four women and two girls, who were collecting firewood in the area of Gargour. He seized one of them, aged 16, and beat her with an axe. He then threatened her with a knife before raping her. “She resisted the rapist with all her strength.”

“The other three ran to the village of Karkar, where the villagers formed a rescue team. When they arrived at Gargour, they found the victim lying on the ground in a bad condition. She was transferred to Eel Geneina hospital for treatment.”

The relative added that the villagers had managed to capture “the culprit”, and had handed him to the police.

Secondary school students

A sheikh of the Nierteti South camp told Radio Dabanga that “two government-backed militiamen suddenly opened fire at four camp residents while they were working at the water station of the camp, at about 10pm on Sunday.”

“Three of them were secondary school students. Ibrahim Abdel Moula Hussein, and student Jamal Haroun Adam were killed instantly. Students Nureldin Musa Abdel Moula and Izeldin Adam Suleiman were critically injured, and had to be transferred to Zalingei hospital.”

The attack was reported to the police, the sheikh added.