DIDC Conferences conclude in Beida and Kulbus, West Darfur

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© Photo by Mohammed Ahmed Ali,UNAMID

The Darfur Internal Dialogue and Consultations (DIDC) Follow up Mechanism (FUM) and UNAMID DIDC Secretariat recently concluded two DIDC conferences in Beida and Kulbus localities, West Darfur.

Provision of basic services, strengthening the native administration and implementing activities such as mobilizing people to promote a culture of peace, are some of recommendations drawn from the two conferences.

The DIDC Conference held from 17 to 18 January 2017, in Beida Locality, West Darfur, brought together around 127 people including native administration officials, women, youth, IDPs, nomads and religious leaders.

Addressing the gathering, the Commissioner of Beida Locality, Osman Yousef, stated that the DIDC outcome will contribute to peace, stability and development in Darfur and disclosed plans to carry out similar conferences in the region to encourage community leaders to end violence in their various localities.

In his remarks, the Director of Peace Studies and Development Centre, at the University of El Geneina, Dr. Tarig Ibrahim expressed appreciation to the international community for its contribution towards promoting peace and stability in Darfur. “I call on all participants to address the root causes of the conflict and put an end to the Darfur crisis,” he said.

The representative of the DIDC Follow up Mechanism (FUM), Ezeldin Khalil, emphasized the importance of adopting unifying efforts by all parties to enhance peace initiatives in the different communities. He further reminded all participants of the importance of the DIDC programme which is enshrined in Chapter 7 of the DDPD (Doha Document for Peace in Darfur).

The Commissioner of Kulbus, Adam Bashar, urged the participants to explore ways to promote peace and ensure access to social services as well as development. “To build a new Sudan, we must consult and negotiate with each other, then draw a road map for peace,” he said.

Ms. Suaad El Barjo, the Deputy Chairperson of the FUM in the area, encouraged all participants to embrace their social and cultural diversity and to proffer recommendations that promote peace and stability. She also expressed appreciation to UNAMID and UNDP for their contributions to DIDC activities.

Another DIDC Conference, attended by around 150 participants, was successfully held in Kulbus Locality, West Darfur, from 29 to 30 January.

The internal dialogue and consultations meetings are conducted in line with the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) aimed at consolidating peace in Darfur and promoting confidence-building and to encourage reconciliations as well as unity amongst the people of Darfur and Sudan in general.