Death toll rises in Sudan’s rainy season

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At least 23 people have died in Sudan in flash floods following heavy rains in the past three weeks. According to official statistics, rains and flash floods have left at least 61 others injured and displaced more than 8,900 families since July 23.

At least ten people have died in River Nile state according to the emergency and civil defence department.


The minister of planning in the River Nile state, Mohamed Abdelwahid, told reporters on Tuesday of the total collapse of more than 46 houses, the partial collapse of more than 530 houses, sweeping of more than 1,580 acres of agricultural land and the total demolition of a government school at El Basabir area south of the state.

Miners drown

In addition, four miners died of drowning in a mine shaft at El Gaab area, 35 kilometres from Dongola in the Northern state, when they were overcome by flooding.

Residents of the area told Radio Dabanga that a large number of gold miners sustained injuries due to the floods.

Health hazard

The residents have warned of the spread of epidemics and diseases in residential areas near the mining areas because the floods have moved remnants of traditional mining saturated with cyanide and mercury.

They pointed to the lack of safety components in the traditional mining camps on the west bank of the Nile.


Heavy rains and winds have destroyed hundreds of houses and a number of classrooms in camps for displaced people in North Darfur. Four people including two children died of fever and diarrhoea.

Sheikh Mukthar Bosh, a leader of Rwanda camp in Tawila locality, reported that approximately 1,000 houses have been destroyed and 28 classrooms of three schools were uprooted. Hundreds of cottages in the Tawila market were destroyed too.

West Kordofan

More than 4,000 people affected by floods in the disaster-stricken town of En Nahud in West Kordofan are still in dire need of humanitarian intervention.