DCPSF Supported Health Facilities Bring Hope for Conflict Affected Communities in Darfur

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Every day, brought in a new challenge for the Internally displaced persons of Kerinding II camp in West Darfur. With no health facility present nearby, around 3000 individuals have suffered immensely to gain access to health treatment for their families. In previous years, the lives of pregnant women and young children were greatly endangered due to the lack of basic health services in the camp.

Thanks to the newly built Kerinding II Primary Health care facility -funded by the Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF) initiative- the situation is beginning to change. In fact, since the establishment of this health clinic, a sharp drop in child and maternal mortality rate has been noted.

Kerinding II Primary Health care facility is supported by a male/female medical officer, senior mid wife, two male and four female nurses, a female lab technician along with 2 immunization staff and two cleaners to ensure proper hygiene in the clinic. Along with outpatient support, antenatal care (pre-birth) is provided and handled by a qualified senior midwife, a routine immunization, and polio eradication initiatives. Advisory on post maternal heath and usage of contraceptives is also provided to new mothers. The average outpatient department has a turnover of 60-70 patients every day.

The health facility helps not only the camp inhabitants but also the marginalized nearby communities including the citizens of next door country, Chad.

“Previously it was a multi-tasking problem if someone gets sick. We had to travel on foot carrying our patients to reach hospitals even for common health problems which involved high cost and sacrificing a day’s work. Sometimes a common fever used to turn into a serious problem. Conflict situations and curfews have further complicated the situation.” Explained Huda Mahmoud, a mother of five and camp inhabitant.

Another patient, Muhammad Abdullah aged 5 came to the health facility with his mother, to receive polio immunization vaccine with vitamin A drops. Abdullah’s mother states “As I was shown through charts and the health workers advice, I came to understand that these immunization vaccines are very important to my children. I am now more interested in securing a healthy upbringing for them through better health and hygiene tips:”

At the clinic, patients are given awareness sessions on nutrition, health and hygiene, identification of common and serious ailments signs in children and healthy mother and child life style.

In addition, the lab services help diagnose pregnancy along with ailment identification of viral, bacterial and epidemic cases such as malaria to ensure early diagnosis and proper treatment.

The DCPSF project is designed not only to build peace but to address also factors that can trigger instability at times of human distress, health conditions amidst protracted conflict and unrest. DCPSF has strategically placed some 7 health facilities at the door step of high conflict areas suffered in tough times.

“Now we have so many benefits with the presence of this health clinic at walking distance and we can get medical treatment, vaccination for dangerous diseases. The pregnant women are also getting good care and proper information for their pregnancy”, Huda Mohammed further added.