Darfur: Market Assessment, April 2014 - Data collected in December 2013


WFP has been using voucher assistance in Darfur since 2011 and has progressively expanded the use of cash and vouchers since then. In 2014, WFP planned to further expand its activities to several new locations and to almost double the transfer value in Darfur compared to the year before.

The overall objective of this market assessment was a) to assess the capacity and potential of Darfur’s local markets for cash voucher programming and to compare with the 2014 expansion plans; b) to estimate the impacts of the planned 2014 voucher expansion on local markets and prices; and c) to review the impact of the 2011-2013 voucher programme on markets in Darfur in terms of prices, local production, market integration, etc.

The findings of this study rely on field visits and primary data collection, secondary data review, and the implementation of two econometric models to estimate if food security outcomes of vulnerable people in Darfur may be leveraged by means of market interventions and the impact on local prices of WFP operations in Fasher.