Darfur displaced shot dead on Nierteti road

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Pro-government militiamen shot dead a displaced man on Wednesday by a roadside in Central Darfur. Relatives of the victim say the deceased was traveling with other people when militiamen opened fire on them.

The incident took place on a road in the area of Tali in Central Darfur. The group of displaced persons was traveling from Nierteti to Kroagy, local sources told Radio Dabanga.

'Stealing to impoverish'

For their part, displaced persons from Bindisi camp in Central Darfur, are complaining about a wave of robberies inside the camp.

“Militiamen at gunpoint come stealing our sheep and donkeys. The camp has seen a series of robberies and looting over the past few days,” a sheikh told Radio Dabanga.

He explained that livestock are considered the most important livelihood for displaced persons: “donkeys are used for transportation and for carrying water, straw and firewood. Sheep are used to supply children with milk”.

The sheikh added that the goal of militias is to "starve and impoverish" the displaced, who also have their 'properties looted, their homes torched and their farms destroyed'.