Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: Sudan: Conflict Reduction and Stabilisation

from Department for International Development
Published on 06 Nov 2019 View Original


Funding to the DCPSF: this funding arrangement managed by UNDP supports community based conflict resilience interventions in Darfur, including responding to politically-fuelled conflicts since April 2019. By strengthening the resilience of communities to manage conflict through mediation, dialogue and shared development goals, disputes will be resolved peacefully by providing an alternative to violence. UK advice has been instrumental in influencing the redesign of the DCPSF, which strengthens the role of women in peacebuilding.

The programme has also provided flexible support during the critical time of political transition in Sudan. The CSSF programme is complementary to the rest of the UK Government’s work during FY19/20, all aiming to support a successful transition in Sudan to build a stable, more prosperous and democratic state. The flexible package of CSSF programming will support mediation efforts, continued efforts towards a peace deal, strengthening of civil society and politically diverse voices.

This programme is ODA eligible under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee's revised directive on peace and security. The UK aid strategy (2015) sets out the UK Government’s objectives to use its ODA budget to strengthen global peace, security and governance by investing more to tackle the causes of instability, insecurity and conflict, and tackle crime and corruption.