Commission decision of on the financing of emergency humanitarian Actions in SUDAN from the general budget of the European Union (ECHO/SDN/BUD/2009/02000)

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Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No.1257/96 of 20 June 1996 concerning humanitarian aid, and in particular Article 2(a) and Article 13 thereof;


(1) The preliminary results of a Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) shared by the World Food Programme on 9-13 November 2009 during the second regular session of its Executive Board indicate that the food security in Southern Sudan is deteriorating due to the combination of poor rainfall, insecurity and high food prices bringing up the total number of people who are food insecure to 1.5 million. As the food gap is likely to be brought forward, an immediate mobilisation of support is needed in order to procure, pre-position and distribute food in a timely manner.

(2) This comes on top of a fragile situation characterised by extreme poverty and enormous rehabilitation needs and a deteriorating security situation in the run-up to national elections and the referendum on the independence of the South;

(3) Funding support is required immediately, if food is to be purchased, transported and distributed in time for an effective response to the onset of the hunger gap, and to alleviate the suffering of the newly displaced.

(4) The hunger gap in some parts of South Sudan is likely to start exceptionally next year in January instead of April, and therefore mobilisation of funding support already in December 2009 will allow for a timely contribution to the WFP 2010 Emergency Operations (EMOP).

(5) To reach populations in need, humanitarian aid should be channelled through International Organisations including United Nations (UN) agencies. Therefore the European Commission should implement the budget by joint management;

(6) Humanitarian aid Actions financed by this Decision should be of a maximum duration of 6 months;

(7) It is estimated that an amount of EUR 5,600,000 from budget article 23 02 01 of the general budget of the European Union is necessary to provide humanitarian assistance to around 300,000 residents, displaced persons and refugees, taking into account the available budget, other donors' contributions and other factors. The activities covered by this Decision may be financed in full in accordance with Article 253 of the Implementing Rules of the Financial Regulation;

(8) The present Decision constitutes a financing Decision within the meaning of Article 75 of the Financial Regulation (EC, Euratom) No 1605/2002, Article 90 of the detailed rules for the implementation of the Financial Regulation determined by Regulation (EC, Euratom) No 2342/2002, and Article 15 of the internal rules on the implementation of the general budget of the European Union;


Article 1

1. In accordance with the objectives and general principles of humanitarian aid, the Commission hereby approves a total amount of EUR 5,600,000 for the financing of emergency humanitarian Actions in Sudan from budget article 23 02 01 of the 2009 general budget of the European Union.

2. In accordance with Article 2(a) of Council Regulation No.1257/96, the principal objective of this Decision is to save lives and reduce the suffering by providing humanitarian emergency assistance to populations affected by humanitarian emergencies in Sudan.

The humanitarian Actions shall be implemented in the pursuance of the following specific objective:

To ensure adequate food intake and a stable nutritional status of vulnerable populations affected by emergencies and experiencing acute food insecurity. The full amount of this Decision is allocated to this specific objective.

Article 2

1. The period for the implementation of the Actions financed under this Decision shall start on 15 December 2009. Expenditure under this Decision shall be eligible from the same date. The duration of individual humanitarian aid Actions financed under this Decision shall be limited to a maximum of six months.

2. If the implementation of individual actions is suspended owing to force majeure or other exceptional circumstances, the period of suspension shall not be taken into account in the implementing period of the Decision in respect of the Action suspended.

3. In accordance with the contractual provisions ruling the Agreements financed under this Decision, the Commission may consider eligible those costs arising and incurred after the end of the implementing period of the Action which are necessary for its winding-up.

Article 3

1. In accordance with Article 253 of the Implementing Rules and having regard to the urgency of the Action, the availability of other donors and other relevant operational circumstances, funds under this Decision may finance humanitarian Actions in full.

2. Actions supported by this Decision will be implemented by International Organisations.

3. The Commission shall implement the budget by joint management with International Organisations that are signatories to the EC/UN Financial Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA) and which were subject to the four pillar assessment in line with Article 53d of the Financial Regulation.

Article 4

This Decision shall take effect on the date of its adoption.

Article 5

This Decision is addressed to the delegated authorising officer.

Done at Brussels,

For the Commission

Member of the Commission