Clinton Expresses Concern Over Reported School Bombing in Sudan

February 14 statement from Office of the Press Secretary

President Clinton on February 14 expressed his concern over the reported government bombing of a school in the Nuba mountain region of Sudan (on February 8) and urged that "any attacks on civilian targets" cease.

Following is the text of Clinton's statement released by the Office of the Press Secretary:

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Office of the Press Secretary

February 14, 2000


I am deeply concerned by reports that the government of Sudan bombed a school in the Nuba Mountain region on February 8, killing and wounding many young children. It is an outrage that such egregious abuses against innocent Sudanese citizens have become commonplace in the ongoing civil war in Sudan, which has claimed over two million lives.

The United States calls on the government of Sudan to cease all aerial bombardment and to refrain from any attacks on civilian targets. We also call for full and immediate access for humanitarian organizations seeking to provide relief to war-ravaged civilians in Sudan.

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(Distributed by the Office of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State)