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Children and Armed Conflict Monthly Update – April 2021

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Recommendations to the Security Council

Sudan/South Sudan (Abyei)

The Secretary-General (SG) is expected to report to the Council on the implementation of UNISFA’s mandate no later than April 15 and to report on options for UNISFA drawdown and exit by March 31, pursuant to SCR 2550 (2020). UNISFA’s current mandate is set to expire on May 15. In his October report (S/2020/1019), the SG notes that the general security situation in Abyei remains tense, and describes the abduction of two children and death of a four-year-old child as a result of intercommunal violence in April. The report also states that “protection, in particular of children and against gender-based violence, remained the key challenge because of the limited resources available.”The Security Council should:

  • Strongly condemn all grave violations against children, call for perpetrators to be held accountable, and urge all parties to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights law (IHRL);

  • Renew its call to sustain adequate child protection expertise in UNISFA, including throughout the transition phase, and ensure dedicated capacity and access to monitor and report on child rights violations in Abyei;

  • Call for the protection, rights, well-being, and empowerment of children to be fully incorporated and prioritized in ongoing and future efforts to build and sustain peace at the community level, drawing on the Practical Guidance for Mediators; and encourage and facilitate consideration of children’s views in these processes where possible and compatible with the child’s best interests;

  • Ensure that child protection is appropriately considered and prioritized in UNISFA’s drawdown and exit strategy, including monitoring and reporting on grave violations committed against children in Abyei, building on lessons learned, and consulting with the relevant child protection experts.