C. Darfur displaced still ‘stranded’ or in camps with ‘no food’

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 25 Jan 2013 View Original

Civilians who fled the battles at the Jildu garrison and Golo areas in West Jebel Marra, Central Darfur, said many displaced are still stranded in different places.

Others who reached Nertiti displaced camps are complaining they have not yet received any food, only blankets and mattresses from the Red Cross.

Speaking from Nertiti, an activist told Radio Dabanga that several people are stranded in regions such as Kodi Mari, Kiti and Kola. They are “living under the shade of tress without food, medicine, and covers”.

One of them managed to reach Nertiti on Friday and confirmed the activist’s claims, adding these regions are “completely cut off from the world”.

He said the majority of the stranded displaced are women, children, elderly and the sick, “as they could not walk long distances”.

The displaced in Nertiti asserted that “rations have not reached them until now” and urged agencies to speed-up the provision of food and medicine to them.

30.000 displaced

The UN estimated that more than 30.000 people fled their homes as a result of the fighting between the Darfur rebel group SLM-AW and the Sudanese government that erupted on 23 December 2012.

On 15 January, residents of the Jildu garrison area told Radio Dabanga they had not heard sounds of gunshots or of government airplanes flying over the region for the last two days. They suggested the battles could have subdued.