Bombs dropped near UNMIS in Kadugli

Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) military aircraft dropped two bombs within a kilometer of UNMIS headquarters in Kadugli today.

No casualties were reported from the bombs, which were dropped 500 metres to one kilometer from the UNMIS compound perimeter by an SAF Antonov plane, but the mission condemned the action, stating that it put the lives of peacekeepers at risk.

"The excessive use of bombardment recently is threatening our presence and putting the lives of civilians at high risk," said UNMIS spokesperson Kouider Zerrouk.

This closely followed an earlier incident where two jet fighters dropped 11 bombs in Kauda, targeting an airfield near the UNMIS base in the area.

The bombing campaign, using Antonov bombers and fighter jets, has been continuing in the capital Kadugli and other areas in the embattled state since the fighting started between SAF and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) on 6 June.

The UN also strongly condemned the detainment and abuse of four peacekeepers in Kadugli on 16 June, by soldiers of the SAF.

“The Sudanese Armed Forces, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army [SPLA] and other armed groups must immediately stop intimidating and harassing UN staff, who are critical to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable populations,” said UN Spokesperson Martin Nesirky.

He said security and the humanitarian situation in Southern Kordofan remained of very serious concern amid intermittent fighting, shelling and military build-up in various areas of the state.