Bombardments in Darfur’s East Jebel Marra - now only one primary school left

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 23 Oct 2013 View Original

Intensive air raids on Wednesday by the Sudanese Air Force reportedly killed one man, injured at least 12 people, destroyed 30 houses, and laid a complete school waste in East Jebel Marra.

Listeners old Radio Dabanga that during the afternoon, an Antonov and two MiG fighter jets targeted all villages 40km south of Tabit for more than two hours. Particularly hit were the villages of Tangarara, Hillat el Dum and Arashu.

The sources said that the shelling of Arasho led to the death of el Duma Hussein Omar and his donkey. In Tangara village, at least 12 people were injured and 30 houses were destroyed at around 2.30pm.

According to the sources, houses were still burning on Wednesday late afternoon. They added that the Sudanese Air Force also dropped five bombs on a primary school in the area of Humeida, leading to the school’s complete destruction. The witnesses expressed relief that the school had not yet opened after the Muslim holiday of Eid el Adha.

The witnesses reported that during the past two years seven primary schools in East Jebel Marra were completely destroyed. The schools had been constructed by international organisations before the Sudanese government expelled them in 2009: Keira school, Tukumari school, the Debbo el Omda school and Khartoum Jadid primary school.

After the bombing of the primary school in Humeida on Wednesday, the sources said, there is now only one surviving primary school in East Jebel Marra, the Dali school; a self-help school of four classes only.

The sources added that since Friday, bombing continued on daily basis. On Friday, el Fadil Siddig, known as Takatuka, was killed and a cart was destroyed.