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Renewed fighting in Darfur between Darfurian rebel groups and government forces leads to the worst security situation in five years. Over 140.000 people fled from their homes. In addition to the security situation the humanitarian situation in the camps is worsening with a recent increase in deaths among newly displaced children.

More than 200 people have been reported killed in the renewed fighting between Darfurian rebel groups (JEM, JLM and SLA-MM) and government forces (SAF) and factions loyal to the government that started in December. In the fighting, Antonov aircrafts, MiGs and helicopters were used in bombing, in support of vehicle-mounted troops and horse and camel riders. Both sides are reported to target civilians.

The aerial bombardments, killings and rapes have caused a reported 140.000 people to flee for safety since mid-December. The fighting in December already caused 40.000 people to flee from their homes. Since January, an additional 83.000 newly arrived IDPs have been reported at Zam Zam camp, and another 15.000 in camps near Nyala, Tawila and Khor Abeche. Shortage in food, water and fuel increase humanitarian suffering in the camps, wher there is a sharp increase in deaths among children and infants since April.

The renewed fighting began after the Sudanese government severed ties with the Sudan Liberation Army rebel faction loyal to Minni Minawi (SLA-MM). The bombardments and fighting is mainly located in the aeria of east Jebel Marra.