Armed men on camels attack 3 displaced in Meshing

MERSHING (12 Apr .) - Three gunmen attacked refugees in South Darfur on Saturday, beating them with whips. They were traveling outside of the camps when the attack occurred.

The victims were Mubarak Osman Hussein, Abdul Rahman Ali from Killa and Adam Abdullah from a village between Mershing and Malam in South Darfur. A sheikh from Mershing, where the camps are located, told Radio Dabanga that the three victims were beaten with whips and had to be taken to Mershing hospital for treatment. He explained that the three displaced victims were riding donkey carts when the gunmen on camelback attacked them. In light of this, the sheikh asked UNAMID to send troops to the Mershing region to protect the displaced people. He explained that the attacks recur on a daily basis against the displaced and that the local police never pursue the attackers.