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AmeriCares passes $7 billion in aid delivered: Renews commitment to Sudan/Darfur

AmeriCares recently reached a milestone in its 25-year history - delivering more than $7 billion in aid to people in need around the world.

AmeriCares President and CEO Curt Welling announced the news at the organization's annual fundraiser, the AmeriCares Airlift Benefit, which was held at Westchester County Airport on October 13. "I am very proud to tell you tonight that thanks to Bob and Leila Macauley's vision 25 years ago, AmeriCares has now delivered more than $7 billion in cumulative aid to people living under some of the most difficult conditions in many of the worlds hardest to reach places," Welling said.

The medicines, medical supplies and aid that AmeriCares provides have improved the lives of people in crisis in 137 countries, whether they are living in times of epic disaster or daily struggle. AmeriCares is able to deliver this aid by acting as the bridge between manufacturers who donate the medicines and medical supplies and health care workers on the ground in the local communities they serve. Founders Bob and Leila Macauley created the organization in 1982 because they saw a need in getting help quickly to people who desperately needed medical attention.

Among those who have been helped by this aid are thousands here in the United States who have benefited through our three community programs, AmeriCares Free Clinics, AmeriCares HomeFront and Camp AmeriKids. Over the last year we have also sent both ongoing and emergency aid to treat people in 79 countries including those affected by flooding in Bolivia, Mozambique and India and the earthquake in Peru. We also airlifted emergency medicines to the people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Welling announced at the event that AmeriCares would continue this commitment to deliver much-needed aid to the people of Darfur, which we began in 2004. Since that time, AmeriCares has sent nine emergency airlifts with more than 150 tons of medicines and medical supplies worth $2.3 million to its partners on the ground in North, South and West Darfur. The organization is arranging additional airlifts to all three states to deliver more vital medicines to treat the millions of people displaced by the conflict.

Recently, AmeriCares VP of International Programs Christoph Gorder traveled to Darfur to assess the needs of those living at the refugee camps that receive AmeriCares donations and reports that the camps rely heavily on AmeriCares aid.

"We found that virtually all of the prescriptions being written at the clinics were filled with medicines donated by AmeriCares," Gorder says. "Our aid has been essential for treating people in the camps and they desperately need more."