Air strikes and clashes continue in Darfur

El Fasher ( 27 Dec .) -Following clashes between the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and government forces last week, resulting in the death of the JEM leader, reports of air strikes and clashes continued over the weekend, and into this week. Bombing was witnessed in North and South Darfur, there were clashes between the SLM-AW and government forces in West Darfur and unknown militias mounting attacks in South Darfur.

Shelling causes displacement in South Darfur

Bombing has caused the displacement of large areas near Adila, South Darfur, witnesses told Radio Dabanga.

Witnesses said Jad al Sid and S'alba were targeted heavily by the Sudanese air force on Monday and Tuesday, along with Abu Karinka and Jawgan causing many people to flee. People could see Antonov planes flying low and plumes of black smoke, as well as hear explosions in many areas, from the early morning until late at night.

Fathi Osman Ahmed, spokesman for the Sudan Liberation Movement unity faction said that the Sudanese air force 'violently bombed' many areas on Monday and Tuesday in Adila and Abu Karinka leading to the fleeing of large numbers of people.

He said some houses had been burned down, and large numbers of livestock killed, along with the destruction of farms.

The SLM spokesman appealed for humanitarian organizations to step in and help those fleeing the violence.

More bombing in Al Lait Jar Al Nabi, North Darfur

In Al Lait Jar Al Nabi locality, in North Darfur, bordering Adila and Ed Daein in South Darfur, bombing was reported this morning until midday. Air strikes were also reported last week killing three members of one family.

Witnesses said the number of casualties remains unknown but citizens could hear the echoes of explosions since yesterday morning in Al Lait Jar Al Nabi city and Dalil Babiker, located south west of the city.

They reported that authorities are still limiting the movement of those entering and exiting the city, as they had started on Monday. Clear information on what is happening in the region is not available.

Buwatil and north Jad al Sid also reported bombing but no there is no information available on losses and damage, due to the blockade of movement by security services.

Clashes in Zalingei

The Sudan Liberation Movement faction led by Abdul Wahid clashed with government forces on Tuesday in Gildu, east of Zalingei, West Darfur.

The spokesman Nimr Abdel Rahman said the SLA-AW clashed with a government force moving from Zalingei, in the direction of the Jebel Marra region yesterday, killing a number of officers and soldiers.

Rahman claimed that they seized four cars and destroyed five others in the fighting, causing government forces to flee towards Zalingei.

Unknown armed groups attack

On Monday in Jawgan, Abu Jabra locality in South Darfur, an armed group attacked the police station, killing three policemen and capturing two others, a source told Radio Dabanga.

In another incident, a security protected convoy of commercial trucks was traveling between En Nahud in North Kordofan and El Daein in South Darfur when an unknown militia group attacked, said the spokesman for the Sudanese army Alsoarma Khaled Saad to the Khartoum based newspaper Al Akbar. He admitted the group stole 17 trucks and fled.