Air raids continue in East Jebel Marra; situation in Shangil Tobay camps ‘more than tragic’, North Darfur

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 28 Oct 2013 View Original

An Antonov of the Sudanese Air Force allegedly bombed the area of Khor Mali, and Saby and Jin Nag in the area of Dubo, East Jebel Marra. No casualties have been reported.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that for more than a week the Sudanese Air Force has continued its bombardments on the East Jebel Marra region. On Monday the area of Khor Mali, and Saby and Jin Nag in the area of Dubo were bombed. There have been no casualties thus far, but according to witnesses numbers of livestock were killed.

The sources also reported that in the area of Kara Hamada, about 25km from Shangil Tobay, militiamen reportedly killed five cart owners and stole their horses. Though this happened four days ago, the bodies of the cart owners are still lying in the open.

Residents from the Shangil Tobay camps for the displaced in North Darfur complain about a water shortage after the water stations in the camps have been closed due to the refusal of the authorities, the residents said, to give permission to aid organisations to deliver fuel for the running of the water pumps.

The residents also told Radio Dabanga that since more than two weeks they have to walk long distances, being exposed to risks in order to obtain water.

They described the conditions of the Shangil Tobay camps for the displaced as “more than tragic”, since the camps are completely devoid of health services. The displaced are also suffering from a shortage of food.

The camp residents hold the local authorities of Shangil Tobay responsible. The authorities allegedly refuse to recognize the residents of the camps as displaced people. Instead, the residents explained to Radio Dabanga, the authorities planned to erase the camp names by dividing the camps over areas which they renamed “the eastern region, the western and the southern region of Shangil Tobay town.”