Aid to help West Darfur conflict

95.000 people were forced to migrate to other regions and 213 people lost their lives due to the conflict between tribes in Sudan’s West Darfur. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation launched emergency aid projects for the people affected by the conflict and became Internally Displaced People.

A conflict broke between tribes in West Darfur due to disputes over land-sharing, the use of land for grazing and access to water. Consequently, 95.000 people were displaced from their homes. 213 people died including 44 children and 21 elderly people, and 170 were severely injured.

An appeal for emergency aid was made

Many people in West Darfur, consisting mainly of women and children, were forced to flee their homes without any belongings. Families fled their homes and sought refuge in the El Geneina, Kreinik and Djjoka regions. The Sudanese state authorities made an appeal for emergency aid, especially food and shelter after the incidents broke out.

IHH came to help the region

IHH launched emergency aid operations immediately after the conflict. In fact, IHH was the first foreign aid organization to reach the region. To date, IHH has distributed food packets to 260 families and toys to 500 children. In addition, IHH teams also sacrificed 800 cattle and distributed the meat to 800 families affected by the conflict.

To give support

Donors that want to support IHH's aid projects in Sudan can donate 10 TL by sending an SMS texting SUDAN to 3072 via all mobile operators. Those that want to contribute larger amounts can donate online via our website or IHH's bank accounts stating the code SUDAN.