Agricultural Assessment Survey of North Kordofan (2011 - 2012)


This survey was carried out by selecting ten per cent of the villages from each administrative unit by random selection, taking in consideration the geographical average of the area. In addition the survey used direct group discussion and general observation as tools for making the assessment.

The objective of this crop production assessment survey is to understand the situation of the agricultural season as well as the status of food availability in order to aid food security coordination.

The Survey analyzed:

  • The area harvested for different crops sown
  • Different measurements for production and crop productivity
  • The application of input used as well as that of environment and condition of seasonal crops and its total productivity.
  • The present situation as regards agricultural pests and the results of pest control in agricultural crops
  • The vegetation situation including range & forestry
  • The general situation of the livestock of the state
  • The relationship between crop and livestock prices
  • The constraints confronting the agricultural season and possible solutions for this