ACTED Sudan - Road rehabilitation in West Darfur

ACTED started road repair operations in March in the West Darfur state. First step was to collect stones, to prepare for building work. ACTED mobilized a total of more than 4,000 people around the three project locations (Geneina, Masteri and Habilla) for stones' collection. The stones' collection process proved to be a great social mobilisation exercise among the local communities inhabiting each area; the local leaders actually played a key role in organising, supervising and monitoring the work on each site.

ACTED Sudan completed on the 1st May rehabilitation of the 1st out of 11 building sites in the West Darfur. The stream Rati, a difficult crossing located about 6 kilometres South of Geneina town on the road connecting the capital of West Darfur state to further south locations (Habilla, Forbaranga, Masteri, Beida, Arara), was rehabilitated by ACTED with support of the Engineers seconded to ACTED by the Ministry of Planning. A total of 170 unskilled and 84 skilled daily labours were created for the rehabilitation of this crossing that was completed in three weeks and is now made passable for all vehicles for dry and rainy seasons. In addition, already three kilometres of track from Geneina town up to this crossing have been repaired to allow smooth circulation of light and heavy vehicles during the rainy season. ACTED is currently working on five additional crossings that shall be made passable for all vehicles by the end of June in the three areas of operations, Geneina, Masteri and Habilla.