ACT/Caritas Appeal Darfur – 2014 Programme SDN141, EA 24/2013

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Norwegian Church Aid Darfur Programme

SDN141 EA 24/2013 Darfur ACT-Caritas Programme 2014

Appeal Target: USD 9,885,640 (EURO 7,414,230)

Dear Colleagues,

As we appeal to our member organisations for their support for the Darfur Programme in 2014, it is important to note that this programme is a unique ecumenical cooperation between the ACT Alliance and Caritas Internationalis and an important provider of humanitarian aid and services in Darfur. 2014 marks ten years since the Darfur Programme was initiated in the summer of 2004. During this period it has received support from more than 60 member organisations of the two networks. The implementing partners in the appeal are Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), an ACT Alliance member under whose auspices the programme is managed. NCA works alongside; ERRADA the Emergency Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Agency (the humanitarian wing of the Sudan Council of Churches), and national partners Mubadiroon and Elruhama.

2013 saw continued insecurity and in particular an upsurge in tribal conflicts in many parts of Darfur, with an estimated 300,000 new displacements during the first five months of the year. These figures alone represented more than twice the number of people displaced in the previous two years. There were further displacements in the second part of the year and little sign of an end to the cycle of instability.

The operating environment for international organisations in Darfur remained challenging as witnessed in the middle of the year when tragically two aid workers belonging to an international humanitarian agency were killed in cross fire in Nyala. In spite of this the Darfur Programme was able to continue to implement throughout the year with a primary focus in Central, Eastern, Western and South Darfur. The Darfur Programme facilitated and provided assistance across a wide spectrum of activities which included emergency response, capacity building, WASH, health and nutrition services, education and livelihoods. The national partners ERRADA, Mubadiroon and Elruhama all initiated activities during the course of the year.

The engagement and support of the national partners in implementing activities remains a key component of the programmes strategy for 2014 and is in alignment with the stated policy of the Sudanese Government to promote the “Sudanisation” of the international humanitarian response in Darfur.

As we look towards 2014 the challenging context in Darfur means that the programme will continue with its strategy of addressing the immediate needs of those affected by the conflict whilst seeking to strengthen the coping mechanisms and resilience of communities and the capacity of national partners to support them.

In 2014 the programme aims to support over half a million people living in South, Central and East Darfur.

The appeal covers the period of one year completing on the 31 December 2014 and the target of the appeal is 9,885,640 USD. We thank you in advance for your generous support.

Yours sincerely,