Abbala attacks in C. Darfur ‘displace thousands’ in 3 days

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 15 Feb 2013 View Original

(15 Feb.) -

Attacks by Abbala militants have led to the displacement of thousands of people in the last three days in Central Darfur, sources allege, adding that three people were killed in the assaults.

The three victims, who include two police officers, were killed in Umm Shalaya locality while several others were wounded.

Sources speaking to Radio Dabanga on Friday from Mornei locality in West Darfur, assert that thousands of people fleeing the Abbala assaults have arrived in the area in the past three days.

"Hundreds of families", composed mostly of women and children traveling by foot or on the backs of horses and donkeys have been arriving in the locality's capital, sources say.

The displaced are now living in the outskirts of Mornei, without shelter or food, according to witnesses’ reports.

Other families reportedly fled to Zalingei, Central Darfur’s capital.

Clashes between the Arab Abbala and Beni Hussein tribes over control of a gold mine in North Darfur in the beginning of January spilled over into other states of Darfur.

Coalition groups supporting each tribe were formed and also Central Darfur has witnessed a series of attacks in the past month.

In addition, sources in West Darfur informed Radio Dabanga about the “increasing” presence of militias after the tribal clashes erupted.