87 cases of dengue fever recorded in Sudan

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The Director General of the Ministry of Health in North Darfur, Dr Suleiman Idris, confirmed the infection of 11 people with dengue fever in North Darfur from September to November. The doctor attributed the spread of dengue fever to vector mosquitoes and the movement of travellers across the state.

At a press conference on Monday, Dr Idris also confirmed the death of four people of malaria. Suleiman revealed that the total number of malaria cases reached more than 14,000 in North Darfur. He explained that the number of vector mosquitoes in homes constitutes 14 per cent, while those in swamps and ponds constitute 3 per cent.

East Sudan

In a press statement, the acting Governor of Sudan’s Kassala state, Maj Gen Mahmoud Babikir, demanded that the central government must intervene to combat vectors and eliminate dengue fever.

The governor confirmed the death of one person of dengue fever and the infection of 76 people in the city of Kassala and the western part of the state.