750 families fled South Darfur tribal clashes

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NYALA (13 Mar.) -Some 750 families have fled the tribal clashes in South Darfur that took place along the area between Ed Al Fursan and Katilla in the end of February.

The conflict, between the Beni Halba and the Gimr tribes, occurred due to disputes over land ownership and sources said it was “violent" with 12 people killed from both sides.

Families fled from the areas of Jogoma, Batikha and the villages surrounding camp El Salam near Nyala.

An activist of camp El Salam told Radio Dabanga the displaced families lost all of their possessions when their villages were burned and they do not yet have access to humanitarian services.

A sheikh had disclosed that six villages were set ablaze in the clashes and two of them were fully burned.

The activist is urging the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the government of South Darfur to take immediate action and provide “all forms of services” to the displaced families.