48 killed, injured in militia attacks on North Darfur villages

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At least 48 people were killed and injured, and four others were kidnapped in an attack by a government militia on a number of villages northwest of El Fasher from Monday to Wednesday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a listener told Radio Dabanga that the militiamen raided the villages while they were returning to Kutum and Kabkabiya, after having attacked several villages in Mellit locality last Friday and Saturday.

“The attacks started on Monday and continued until Wednesday. 41 villagers were killed, seven others were injured, and four were abducted. They pillaged the villages of Jambo, Ghireiban and Turra entirely, and stole a large number of livestock, a tanker belonging to the Darfur Regional Authority, and a fully loaded lorry.

Several people in Kutum and Kabkabiya locality reported the return of large numbers of militia troops to their bases in the two localities, after they had attacked villages in Mellit locality.

They said that the militiamen returned in two batches. The first batch returned by Wadi Kafout Valley, and the second one by Wadi Wana.

“Some of the attackers were riding on camels, driving about 400 camels to their bases in Kutum and Kabkabiya,” one of the sources said. “Others passed by, driving large numbers of other livestock to their bases, along with vehicles loaded with pillaged household items.”