4 days of airstrikes causes at least 1 death and destruction of school

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EL-Fasher (4 Apr .) -In areas of North and West Darfur heavy airstrikes were witnessed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Besides many injuries, one woman was killed, and a school was destroyed. The rebel group LJM says it will respond to the agression with aggression.

The news of the air strikes were first announced to Radio Dabanga by Abu Bakr Hamid al-Nur, of the Justice and Equality Movement. Abu Bakr confirmed that the air strikes in his proximity destroyed the Karow School, a water pump and the region's market and led to the injury of two children. He also stated that the missiles used were of a new kind with Chinese marks and logos and called on UNAMID to investigate the matter.

In different airstrikes on Saturday a woman was killed and three others were wounded, including a four-year-old female child when an Antonov aircrafts dropped bombs that hit Sebit Market in Hashaba, North of Kutum. shelling also hit the villages of Khashum Wadi and Goz Nugara and a water pump in the region.

The secretary for military affairs and security in the Liberation Movement told Radio Dabanga that the bombing also targeted other regions. He accused the government of targeting civilian aviation in those areas and said that the LJM would not stand idly by while being attacked, and will respond to the aggression with aggression.

Other eye witnesses told Radio Dabanga that militias loyal to the government backed by air support attacked areas in the vicinity of Shangil Tobayi on Thursday. One of the witnesses confirmed to Radio Dabanga that government forces clashed with the forces of Mini Minawi near Abu Zuriyqa and that the sounds of heavy weapons and explosions along with the continuing airstrikes caused panic amongst many citizens.

Colonel Khaled Saad, the spokesman for the armed forces, in an interview with Radio Dabanga denied the fact that the armed forces held airstrikes on these regions. He denied any activities or military operations by the army in those areas and said if there were any bombing, then it came from another side and not the army, without specifying aggressors from the "other side."