3,000 displaced by South Darfur attacks

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The bloody attacks on villages southwest of Kass in South Darfur on Sunday have led to the displacement of thousands of people. Most of them fled to the square in front of the Unamid base in the area, while hundreds took refuge in a school in Kass.

Malik Haroun, member of the Resistance Committees active in the neighbourhoods of Kass, told Radio Dabanga that about 3,000 displaced villagers, most of them women and children, gathered in front of the Unamid base in Kass three days ago, and described their humanitarian conditions as bad and miserable, noting that the displaced people reside in makeshift shelters that do not protect them from the sun or rain.

Unamid released pictures of villagers fleeing along roads and across rivers in search of safety.

Haroun called for an urgent investigation into the attacks on Boronga and surrounding villages providing security and protecting the agricultural season so that the new displaced people could return to their areas and be able to continue their cultivation.

The new, civilian governor of South Darfur, Mousa Mahdi, visited Kass locality on Tuesday and held meetings with members of the Kass Security Committee, native administration leaders, and the Forces for Freedom and Change.

In a meeting with the community leaders, he said that an investigation committee will start its tasks immediately and will submit a report within a week.

He pledged to hold all those involved accountable under the Emergency Law imposed in the state six years ago.