‘Verified’ tuberculosis cases across S. Darfur camps

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A number of residents of displaced camps in Marshang and Manawashi in South Darfur are suffering from tuberculosis, according to a source working in the health field who “verified“ the cases.

The source explained to Radio Dabanga that medications he prescribed to cure the patients’ coughing -one of the disease’s symptoms- did not improve their conditions, a claim supported by a sheikh from Marshang.

“No home is free from coughing”, the sheikh said.

Separately, the Sudanese national program for combating tuberculosis and leprosy based in Khartoum urged those who have been coughing for over two weeks to seek help in health centers "free of charge". The appeal was also made to patients who did not respond to normal antibiotics.

Dr. Mahmoud Taher, the deputy director of the tuberculosis control program in Sudan, noted the disease affects 180 out of 100.000 people in the country.

He also noted his program faces significant challenges, such as patients’ submitting themselves to sporadic treatments and the widespread "social shame"