Sri Lanka

WFP Sri Lanka: Situation Report 29 June 2022



• WFP has distributed 80 percent of the first 2,375 vouchers to pregnant women. WFP aims to reach 100 percent of targeted beneficiaries by the end of the week.

• WFP and FAO began an in-country mission on 28 June to assess the crop and food security situation. This is the second phase of a joint Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission, following a recently concluded household survey.

Situation Update

• Sri Lanka’s growing economic and food crises are pushing millions over the edge. About 22 percent of its population are food insecure and more are feeling the pinch of food and fuel shortages as prices continue to rise. Food price inflation has now hit 58 percent.

• The Government’s fuel stocks continue to deplete with no guaranteed sources for incoming stocks. On 26 June, the Government said it only has 15,000 tons of petrol and diesel remaining to keep essential services afloat. Public transport, power generation, and medical services will be prioritized. Prices of petrol and diesel increased by 15 and 22 percent, respectively, over the weekend; diesel prices are now four-fold and petrol prices have tripled since the beginning of 2022.

• Schools and government offices are closed until further notice due to the scarcity in oil supply.