Sri Lanka

WFP Sri Lanka - Market Monitor - May 2022



  • Overall inflation continued to increase to 45.3% in May from 33.8% in April.

  • Food inflation increased to 58% compared with May 2021 and up by +10.7% from April 2022. Non-food inflation increased to 34.2% from 23.9% in April.

  • Prices of all local rice varieties have increased by Rs. 17.00-29.00/kg. The highest price increase recorded this month was at 12% for Samba grade 1.

  • The price of eggs has sharply increased by 45% compared to the previous month due to an increase in the cost of poultry feed.

  • Lentils now cost three times more than in May 2021, and sugar is twice the price from the same period.

  • The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) which measures the change in international food prices, averaged 157.4 points, a slight decrease of 0.6% from April. This was driven by a decline in the vegetable oil and meat price indices.