Sri Lanka

WFP Sri Lanka - Market Monitor - June 2022



✓ Overall inflation continued to increase to 58.9% in June from 45.3% in May.

✓ Food inflation reached record highs of 75.8% compared with the previous month and up by +14.2% from May 2022. This was driven by price increases for rice, vegetables, fresh fish and sugar. Non-food inflation increased to 43.6% from 34.2% in May.

✓ Prices of all local rice varieties have increased by Rs. 35.00-45.00/kg. The highest price increase recorded this month was at 20% for Nadu grade 1. Despite the maximum retail price imposed by the Consumer Affairs Authority in May, the price of all rice varieties continues to increase at many market retailers across the country. (Rice retail price recorded by HARTI)

✓ Lentils now cost three times more than in June 2021.

✓ The price of sugar has seen an increase of a third of its price from last month.

✓ Record fuel prices have caused severe supply chain and market disruptions, increasing pressures on domestic and imported commodity prices.