Sri Lanka

Swedish head of Nordic monitoring mission in Sri Lanka

Brigadier General Ulf Henricsson has been appointed new head of the Nordic observer mission in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM).
"It is most gratifying that Ulf Henricsson has been appointed to this prominant post. The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission plays a decisive role in monitoring the ceasefire and is an important contribution to finding a lasting solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Laila Freivalds.

Mr Henricsson will take up his duties in March 2006. He will succeed Norwegian Hagrup Haukland, who leaves the post after a year. Mr Henricsson has long experience from service in the Swedish Armed Forces and from international assignments for the UN and the OSCE in the Balkans.

The SLMM was established after the signing of the ceasefire in February 2002 and has the task of monitoring the parties' compliance with the ceasefire. At present the Monitoring Mission has a total of 60 observers on the ground, 14 of whom are from Sweden. Other countries participating in the Mission are Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.


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