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Strategies to address the needs of the victims of Meeriyabedda landslide at Haldumulla in Badulla district – 29 October 2014



A severe landslide ocured in Meriyabeda area in Kotabathma Grama Niladhari division in Haldumula Divisional Secretariat Division in Badula District on 29th October 204 at around 7.30 am.
The impact of landslide afected around 30 people of 57 familes in Ampitkanda tea estate. Total number of buildings destroyed were 63 including Houses, Kovil, Community Center, Dairy colection Centers, Boutiques, Telecommunication Center, and 3 Estate bungalows. As of 30th October 2014 four dead bodies were recovered. The total number of mising persons is yet o be confirmed. Out of the total number of children who atend the schol, 75 children were orphaned. As per the instructions given by the HE the President, The Minister of Disaster Management directed al Provincial and District Politcal Authorites, the Agencies under the Ministry of Disaster Management, District and Divisional Secretaries, Health Authorites, Tri-forces and Police to continue the Search and Rescue operations and post disaster recovery activites. Government provides the funeral expenses and undertakes the last rights of the deceased persons. Al hospitals in the area conducting emergency medical services to minimize health impacts. The government has already provided required funds to met he immediate emergency requirements.

As an emergency response, people in high risk areas are acommodated in two safe centers which were established at Koslanda Tamil Schol and Ponagala Tamil Schol. As of 30th October 2014 these two centers acommodate 52 & 317 people respectively. In responding to the early warnings isued by the National Building Research Organization, number of people are continue to evacuate from the high risk areas and therefore number of safe centers wil be increased.

In the above context, strategy of the Ministry is to implement a short, medium and long term disaster risk reduction program. A “Hazard Resilent Vilage” concept is promoted for the survived community of Meriyabeda.