Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Tsunami Relief Council proposal to be brought before House

President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has decided to present the Tsunami Relief Council proposal before Parliament. This is in view of the requests made by the Venerable Maha Sanga and leaders of other political parties.

The President arrived at this decision following discussions with her Cabinet of Ministers and leaders of the Government's coalition partners. She has also held discussions in this regard with Cpposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The Government decided that the Tsunami Relief Council should be implemented and at the same time agreed to submit this to Parliament. The Government and the LTTE will sign the document in due course.

Issuing a statement in this connection President Kumaratunga states the private media pouncing on ceratin statements made by the JVP and other parties on the Tsunami Relief Council through sheer ignorance had created a fear in the country which had led to a rise in protests campaigns and violence during the past few days which is a tragedy.

The Maha Sanga directing her attention towards the unrest had advised her on the need to explain to the public in a broad sense about the Tsunami Relief Council. She said as a true democrat it had always been her custom to take the people into her confidence and engage them in dialogue and exchange of views adding that she would never deviate from this tradition and would divulge to the people all details of the proposal without concealing anything.