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Sri Lanka: TRO Situation Report 01- 10 Mar 2008

Situation Report
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Districts: Vadamarachchi East (Jaffna), Mannar, Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi, & Vavuniya

I. Kilinochchi District

a. Situation Report

- KDRRO gave Rs 20,000 (US$ 200) to 05 beneficiaries, Rs. 4000 (US$ 40) each, engaged in poultry husbandry in Vivehananthanagar on 03 March 2008.

- KDRRO held a meeting on 05 March 2008 in Vivehananthanagar with farmers concerning an agriculture project. Farmers discussed ways to continue cultivation in an efficient manner under current conditions with emphasis on the restrictions and difficulties faced as a result of the resumption of the war.

- A ceremony was held to honour the children of KN/Kanthapuram No. 01 School who passed the scholarship examination that was conducted by ADO with the support of Rural Development Bank on 04 March 2008.

- A medical clinic was held by a mobile medical team from the Centre for Health Services. The clinic, which was organized with the assistance of WorldVision, was organized for the children of 'Thileepan preschool' on 03 March 2008. 24 preschool children and 20 other children received medical care at the medical clinic.

- ADO with the assistance of SEDOT provided 3000 'Palmyra yams' for each to prepare 'Odiyal - dried up yams' to 08 families at 2nd Canal and 08 families at Vanneri on 01 March 2007.

- Piles of paddy that had been harvested were eaten and ruined by wild elephants at Akkarayan. That paddy, with rice, had been piled by the farmers prior to being threshed to separate the rice from the straw/stalk as there is heavy off season rain.

- The Saving Group meeting was held by ADO at Vinayagar Kudiyiruppu on 07 March 2008.

- The paddy harvested by people living at Pannankandy and Udainthakandy who fall under the poverty line was negatively affected by the heavy rain over the last several days.

- Stationary items were provided to Ilanankai and Luxmi Saving Groups by KNDO while implementing a project with the funding of Oxfam.

- KNDO, with the assistance of FORUT, selected beneficiaries for a livelihood project by conducting home visits, interviews and assessments.

- A needs assessment survey for a livelihood project was conducted by KNDO with the support of an iNGO at Navalnagar village.

- KNDO, with the assistance of SCISL, conducted interviews with persons who were displaced in September of 2007 to ascertain what humanitarian assistance they were receiving.

- KNDO, with the assistance of CARE - International, provided timber for the construction of temporary shelters for 07 beneficiary families living at Paranthan.

- Registration of IDPs from the Madhu area at a new Transitional Accommodation Centre (TAC) / IDP Camp was performed by RRDO on 03 March 2008 camp management.

- The Executive Committee meeting of PDRO was held at Poonakary on 04 March 2008.

- A needs assessment for Arasapuram Village was conducted by PDRO with the assistance of WorldVision on 06 March 2008.

- The meeting of the 'Savings Groups' was held by PDRO at the following locations: Sekkalai Thamilmalar, Sempankunru Esaiyarivan on 04 March 2008; Pallay Siththivinayagar on 05 March 2008; and Jeyapuram Kathitoli on 06 March 2008.

- The memorial was held for TNA Member of Parliament, K. Sivanesan, who was assassinated by SL Army-Deep Penetration Unit on 06 March 2008.

- A demonstration, where an effigy of President Mahinda Rajapakse was burnt, was held by the people of Uruthrapuram on 07 March 2008 to protest against the killing of Tamil civilians by the SL Armed Forces.

- A meeting for the Uruthrapuram Women Savings Groups was organized by TRRO on 07 March 2008.

- An event was held by the staff of TRRO at its office to honour and bid farewell to its former coordinator on 01 March 2008.

- The meeting of Preschool Divisional Structure was held by TTRO on 01 March 2008.

- TRRO selected 59 beneficiaries at Tharani Kudiyiruppu to provide livelihood items.

- On 03 March 2008 KPDO, with the assistance of SCiSL, discussed the needs of the IDP children (those under 18 years of age) living in Kariyalainagapaduvan, Kumulamunai, Pallavarayankaddu and Nachchikkuda Villages. They had been displaced from Mannar in September 2007.

- KPDO, with the assistance of WorldVision, had consultations on 05 March 2008 with IDPs in the KPDO operational area regarding the construction of temporary shelters.

- KPDO, with the assistance of CARE - International, on 06 March 2008 provided 16 families Rs. 3150 (US$ 31.50)each for the construction of temporary shelters.

- KPDO staff, with assistance from iNGO staff, held a meeting to conduct a health awareness programme for the people of Kariyalainagapaduvan on 06 March 2008.