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Sri Lanka: TRO condemns grenade attack on TRO Batticaloa Branch Office

News and Press Release
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TRO condemns vehemently this dastardly act done with the intention of disrupting TRO's humanitarian activities.

Our branch office in Batticaloa town was attacked at 8.50 PM today (13 - 06 - 2005) first by gunfire and then by grenades by unidentified gunmen who came on a motorbike. In this incident two of our office assistants namely Mr.T.Danapal and Mr. Piraba had been injured seriously and admitted to hospital.

This attack happens to be the third attack on our office in Batticaloa after ceasefire agreement. We assume that this planned attack is perpetrated with the objective of putting obstacles on our rapid, effective, and impartial humanitarian services rendered to all the communities in the region.

We further presume that this attack on a charity organization registered under Sri Lankan social Services Act and also functioning in the government controlled areas as a grave challenge to all humanitarian organizations operating in Sri Lanka.

Whoever had done this nasty crime we feel that those selfish and unscrupulous persons who work against humanity and against the welfare of the affected people will never achieve their objectives. On the contrary they would get the curse of the people.

At the time of the attack TRO's high officials were engaged inside in discussions on post Tsunami recovery programmes. Our office assistant and the watcher have been injured. Our office building, one motor bike and a bicycle have been damaged.

Members of ceasefire monitoring mission (SLMM) have come immediately to our office and inspected the damages. Sri Lankan police too has arrived at the spot and has initiated investigations.

We demand an impartial inquiry

This is the third attack on our Batticaloa office. Sri Lankan Police had not made a determined and thorough investigation so far. They have never apprehended the culprits. We strongly demand that a fair and impartial inquiry should be immediately started by the Sri Lankan Police.

Sri Lankan Government should provide adequate protection to our offices round the clock in the government controlled areas. And also should guarantee the security of our offices working there. TRO is engaged in various humanitarian activities by having close working relationship with government departments and ministries. Particularly we are providing very effective and efficient assistance in the Tsunami affected areas. We will continue our work relentlessly. We request the government to provide necessary assistance and protection for us to do our humanitarian work.

Our humble request to our people, our partner organizations and the funding agencies

We will work hard tirelessly to the benefit of the people affected by war and Tsunami. All the projects we have promised will be implemented effectively. What ever obstacles confront us, we assure you that we will continue our mission by joining hands with you.

We wish to announce to the International Humanitarian Organizations who assist the people in distress through TRO that our work in Batticaloa and Ampara districts will continue as usual without any disruption.

This is the time we all work together with steadfastness and commitment in our strive for providing better life to the people who have suffered enormously by war and natural disaster.